CRs and HFs and FPs, oh my…IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 is released

Connections LogoFor those who don’t know, are curious, and do care…I know the numbers are getting smaller as I go here…:

HF: “HotFix” – which in software terms generally means a specific fix for one problem, given out to customers on an as-needed basis and generally rolled up into other more comprehensive groups of fixes.

FP: “FixPack” – what it sounds like, a package of fixes (some of which may have been deemed HotFixes), that when released is supported. Sometimes, a FixPack will increment a product release number, generally in the fourth position (e.g. Lotus Quickr

CR: “Cumulative Refresh” in the Connections world anyway is a release of a combination of fixes (that would otherwise constitute a FixPack) and new features (not enough for a new product number, but still…). For IBM Connections, it’s fairly similar to Domino’s release numbering scheme though, so it can be thought of as similar in scope. IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 is not dissimilar to the concept of Domino 9.0.1 (vs. Domino 9.0). Cumulative Refresh also sounds nice, like something you would get when there’s a light rain falling on you in an Irish meadow.

Alright then…now that we have our two letter acronyms covered, here’s what is new in CR1:

  • Restrict Read Access on individual files or folders in a Linked Library (CCM): Blocking Read Access allows users of Connections to remove the read access of everyone (minus community owners) within a community. A user can Block Read Access on the document summary page of files/folders. Blocking read access works on both files and folders.
    This is kind of a big deal in the Quickr migration scenario of the future (CR2 perhaps), since we really needed more granular security and to be able to restrict read access better.
  • Support @mentions in a Linked Library (CCM): This function allows @Mentions in comments on documents in libraries.
  • Metrics Reports for Linked Libraries (CCM): Metrics reports are now provided for Linked Libraries in a Community.
  • Open Questions and Answered Questions tabs have been added for Forum Topics: This function allows a user to view the Open Questions and Answered Questions in either a Standalone or Community Forum.
  • Launching a Video Player on supported file types in the Activity Stream and Embedded Experience: For ActivityStream entries based on Status Updates or Files where a supported video file format is present, there is now the option to play the video directly inline on the ActivityStream and from within the related Embedded Experience.
  • Previews of non-image filetypes in the Activity Stream and Embedded Experience: When IBM Docs or the File Viewer document conversion service is configured with Connections, it will automatically generate a front page thumbnail image of supported document types. Like your Mac.
  • Monthly repeating Events are now supported in Community Events: This function allows repeating Monthly Events to either occur monthly on a specific date or a particular day of the month.
  • Abbreviated Business Card for external users: Visitors who are not part of your organization (external users, introduced in Connections 5.0) that enter a community will see an abbreviated business card with no links on employee names.
  • Performance optimization updates for the Activities Seedlist: This function optimized and improved performance for searching in Activities.
So go get it. Knock yourself out.

One thought on “CRs and HFs and FPs, oh my…IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 is released

  1. Darryl Wing

    Hi – curious to know where you heard about first CCM item (restricted read access to files/folders) for 5.0 CR1 as I can’t see it on any IBM fix list or enhancement list (sadly!). Also wondered if the subject of file/folder level security for CCM in Connections was discussed at IBM ConnectED 2015?

    Many thanks!


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