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QuickBaseThis week is a week of announcements in our tech world (check the at wires 3AM EDT tomorrow, for instance…). My own announcement is that SNAPPS has become a partner with a new major vendor, Intuit, with their QuickBase online database SaaS solution. This effort is 8 months in the making, and I’m very pleased to say that after several visits with Intuit QuickBase folks both at their headquarters and other events, I’m very excited about the prospects of working together on the next generation of online collaboration — the generation that takes pure generic collaboration and easily extends it to very specific, functional areas of business. As well, I look forward to creating some interesting integrations with IBM software.

TeamAnywhereSNAPPS is revitalizing its 15-year-old brand, TeamAnywhere, to address the SaaS application, services, and strategy market and will be leading the way with QuickBase applications and consulting. Some of you may be familiar with TeamAnywhere as a service we offered from 1999-2013 hosting team workspaces based on IBM’s Lotus Quickr. We of course still consult in that area, but given the end of marketing for Quickr we are shifting this part of our practice to Intuit QuickBase. As such we have become an official QuickBase Solution Provider, undergone extensive training, and are actively participating in QuickBase marketing and events.

This has no effect on our 18-year history as an IBM partner, 6 years as an Apple development partner, or other strategic consulting activities, it’s simply an expansion of our practice to cover more and more SaaS solutions for our clients.

I will have a lot more to say about QuickBase (insert joke about failure to change first five letters of anything I work with here…) in the coming weeks and months. Press releases, events, certifications, and I’ve even had the pleasure to develop some applications already. In fact, I’ve come within 15% of approximating the features of Quickr.

So welcome to the new world. SNAPPS. IBM, Apple, and Intuit QuickBase partner.

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