Just wait. A Second!

IBM Connect 2014Second session that is. In all the excitement of getting early notice of my first session “Running a Successful Pilot Program with Social Business Software” I somehow had it in my head that it was going to be my only session accepted this year. So I was a little surprised and happy to learn that another of my submissions has indeed been accepted.

This one will be a lot of work, but hopefully worth it for the attendees.

So look for it you Quickr fans and don’t miss it. I’ll have supporting materials available for download, but all the reasoning and logic will be in the room. Not necessarily me, but I’m sure it will be there somewhere.

Where Do We Go From Here? A Decision Matrix for Quickr Customers

Lotus Quickr fans! As you now know, your heir apparent — and entitlement — comes in the form of IBM Connections Content Manager (CCM), which provides rich social networking and content management experience inside IBM Connections communities. In this session with Rob Novak (who has done a bit of work with both), we’ll do a capabilities mapping, demo a live Quickr-to-CCM migration, and review strategy and deployment options for Quickr customers. How much can you migrate? What new features will you gain, and what will change? With custom applications, what are the options for moving forward? Are multiple strategies right for you? This session will answer all these questions and more, allowing you to build your own “decision matrix” for your social software deployment.

On a side note, in case you were wondering. Yes, that’s the first time in 50+ presentations in Orlando I’ve been able to incorporate a BTVS reference into my title. I win.

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