Another success story on the iPad


Some of you may recall from my old blog, a few years ago I posted about the head of state of a certain unnamed country using our $9.99 app SnappFiles with a Lotus Quickr server to deliver public addresses and speeches. The setup was such that speechwriters could make changes up to the last minute on stage, and the speech could be reloaded in an instant. That was fabulous to hear, and was even moreso when I discovered (again, through the hush hush grapevine) that Steve Jobs actually responded to an email telling him about it. It’s difficult to convey how this admittedly succinct reply made us feel:

“Cool.  -Steve”

It’s all a part of history now, and a positive one it is. That said, one of the negatives about having a mobile app without registration or direct contact is that you almost never hear the best stories. Most of the time, you find out that a certain person or group has your app when there’s a support ticket raised. We’ve had very few of those, even though SnappFiles has been shipping for three years and has a steady monthly influx of new users. One came to my attention recently, however, and I thought I’d share.

Canada-iconAn entire trade delegation from a province in Canada recently took a trip to China. Finance Ministry, economic development team, support team, the whole crew. Did they take reams of paper? No. Just iPads, with the documents to support the entire delegation on a Lotus Quickr server back in Canada. Ready to be changed and reloaded at a moment’s notice based on the outcome of the negotiations.

Now I don’t know how those talks went or whether these countries are better off because of them, but I do know that the use of the technology and the agility of Quickr and SnappFiles in this situation is an incredibly good ROI on a ten dollar app!

I heard this story because during the trip, there was a connectivity issue (that resolved in a couple hours) and initially they thought the app could be involved, it wasn’t but I got the whole story as part of a call for help.

The moral of the story is, once in a while it pays to work the helpdesk.

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