Update on Quickr: Life Support

Last month I shared some of my views on the apparent “death” of Quickr (hint: it’s not dead). As many of you know IBM has withdrawn Quickr from marketing effective April 12. The IBM endorsed upgrade path and in fact entitlement goes to Connections Content Manager 4.5 and includes a full license of Connections 4.5. That in itself is a bargain. However there are many situations where due to custom functionality, a growing user base, infrastructure, training, or some other reason you want to keep Quickr as long as possible. This is one of the scenarios (stay the course) that makes complete sense and IBM has dedicated to support you for many years to come.
So a little more on the stages in the lifecycle. Withdrawn from marketing means what it sounds like. No more marketing. And, the part number(s) are no longer in the catalog. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a license! The part has just entered what’s called “restricted” which means you need to speak to your IBM rep or business partner to be able to order as you have been. It could take a special bid or some other minor red tape. But remember, IBM is not known for refusing to take your money.

Regarding support, nothing has changed. Quickr is supported. Well, versions 8.2 and 8.5.x are, and will be for a long time. How long? I’ll give you my predictions right now, according to IBM’s support policies. Quickr for Domino 8.2, Quickr for Domino 8.5 and Quickr for Portal 8.5 are all on IBM’s “Enhanced” support product list. This means they will be supported for “5+3” years – five years from the initial release, plus three years after the end of support (EOS) with an extra fee to IBM.

So, let’s take the most popular version we have out there now, Quickr 8.5.1 for Domino. Its base version is Quickr 8.5.0 which was released October 8, 2010. Add five years, we have October 8, 2015. Since it’s only a week past a normal EOS date of September 30 (IBM routinely only drops support on April 30 and September 30) we’ll call it September 30, 2015. At this point, you have a choice to request and pay for extended support for up to three more years. September 30, 2018.* So of course, start to panic.

Your other choice in 2015, of course, will be to continue to use your licenses without IBM support. Not that anyone would ever do that. Never. I’m talking to you, Hi-Test C API shop on Notes 3.0c!

There is the ever-popular route of engaging an IBM business partner to assist with your planning, strategy and eventual migration or continued support. I know there’s one around here somewhere.

*This date is not published and is strictly my prediction based on published IBM support policies. No animals were harmed in the creation of this paragraph.

5 thoughts on “Update on Quickr: Life Support

  1. Jim

    Good article. We have both QuickR for Domino and Connections. We’ve been waiting to have a look at Connections Content Manager and see if it’s a good fit to replace QuickR, which it seems it is. And we’ll probably look at converting our existing QuickR licenses over. However, we just got a quote for a net new license for Connections Content Manager and were pretty shocked at how much more the licenses are. We’re wondering why the costs are so much more, if we would have known that we might have stayed longer with QuickR.

  2. Nathan T. Freeman

    In order to withdraw something from marketing, wouldn’t you have to market it in the first place?

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  3. marten vosmer

    When you want to use the API’s of IBM Connections Content manager you must purchase additional licences…..


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