On Becoming a Connections Developer

I had the pleasure of presenting at IBM Connect 2013 last week on this topic in the Show and Tell track. Normally I keep presentations a bit closer to the vest as they’re reused in parts throughout the year. This one, though, is more instructional in nature and I thought wider distribution would be a good thing.

Jerald Mahurin and I put some 200 hours into preparation for the session, not including the slide prep. Believe me when I say that this track is quite intense. I had perhaps four hours of material, fit into two hours, noted on arrival that I only had one hour forty five minutes, and had to start ten minutes late due to the OGS overrun (saw it coming…)

My goal with the session wasn’t to show everyone exactly how to code for Connections. That’s a job for weeks or months. Rather I wanted to get across some key points:

  1. What tools will I be using?
  2. What languages, toolkits, and big concepts must I understand?
  3. What can I do with them?

This third point was key to the session’s stated goal, which is the ability to “frame” business problems and integration possibilities with skill and speed. Like we do with Domino applications — we know at a glance what we’re going to build in most cases, and how. Never mind that there are 50 options in the Designer navigator, we know how all those pieces fit.

So, please enjoy what I call the “ridiculously long” presentation. I might suggest breaking your reading and exercises into several smaller sittings. Don’t forget to stretch. Do not go into the water until one hour after finishing.

Of course, feel free to use the form at the end to contact me! I’m happy to help with strategy, consulting, development approaches, and integration possibilities.

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