Speaking of Connections…

So yes, I’ll be speaking at my very first IBM Connect conference in a few weeks…*

(Yes I updated this post to change the image. I like this one better. It still had some orange…)

*If you don’t know me, yeah I’m having a little fun there. In the Lotusphere days, I spoke a few times.

So here’s our abstract…it’s a new track for us, Show-N-Tell, which translates roughly to “slide deck is heavy” and has step by step instructions. We’re right after the Opening General Session, a time slot I’ve not experienced either.

Title: Becoming a Connections Developer: Lessons from the Field
Track 11: Show ‘n Tell
Speaker(s): Rob Novak, SNAPPS; Jerald Mahurin, SNAPPS
With IBM Connections 4.0, IBM has released the most important new platform – yes platform – for social business development since the Notes client. As a Domino developer, you have excelled. Now, faced with an entire new glossary of terms, new concepts in customization and development, and a whole new set of tools, it could take some time to get up to speed. This session will help you cut weeks off that ramp-up time by showing you exactly what a Connections development environment looks like. We’ll cover how to choose your tools and toolkits as well as configuration for development and testing. From the fundamentals of skill gap identification to real working samples, this session is sure to give you a huge head start.

Something you’ll note form the abstract is that we’re not focused on EXACTLY HOW to do every manner of development for Connections, but how to get the point where you can. This is an area of the learning curve that traditional sessions and training often skip in order to get to the cool demos. We’ll have some of those, yes. Never fear.

We’ll be covering:

  • User Interface (themes etc) customization
  • XPages integration
  • OpenSocial gadget creation (and why you should do it…)
  • Business card integration with other apps

We’ll also touch on the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK with a goal at this point to avoid overwhelming you.

Hope to see you in Orlando – remember we’re 10:45 Monday, don’t dilly dally around with coffee!

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Connections…

  1. Chris Miller

    Interesting slot if you are in any of the Hemi rooms. Mine was 10 minutes late getting the room setup last year. I started while they were building walls against the cries from the staff. Too bad, we go

  2. Jonathan Griep

    Sounds like a great talk! Will you be able to cover management of the customizations and the implications of upgrades (fix packs, new releases, hot fixes)? I saw that Matt White and Warren Elsmore have a talk along those lines for XPages but I didn’t see one related to Connections (though I probably missed it).

  3. Rob Novak Post author

    Hey Jonathan, thanks. We are going to touch on source code management, SVN, etc. but not so much on upgrades. There is a session on Wednesday in the same track on Connections admin where I’m sure upgrades will be discussed. One of the Show ‘n Tell mantras is “show it more than tell it” — but I’ll be sure to discuss what I know to “protect” your customizations.

    My sense is that this topic will evolve as more companies add valuable customizations to the Connections environment. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some articles, LUG presentations and perhaps best practices evolve around it in the next year.


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