Quickr Fix 36 – Oh yeah, a couple of my fixes are in…

QuickrLogoTinyI haven’t really been posting too much technical yet on the new blog but this is one of my pastimes, reading through fixes. Especially ones that include “my” fixes, like the one in red below. Hard to believe this one wasn’t noticed before now — comments not being secured like their documents are. So anyone could see “RE: Should we fire Joe?” or perhaps “RE: Is Susan pulling her weight?” in the What’s New page. If Joe or Susan were admins, there’d be hell to pay.

Another fix of mine (I enjoyed this one, as I opened a PMR, gave the solution, writing my own undocumented qpconfig.xml node) has to do with the Preview capability in Quickr. You may know that Quickr, like Notes and iNotes, uses the KeyView viewer technology to preview certain types of files. Well, in some cases you don’t even want to try to invoke that viewer, you don’t even want to show the link “Preview” next to the file attachment. After staring at the corresponding widget for  while, I dug a bit in the DOM and discovered an element called “filetypes_not_supported” with an array of six values. But they had some spaces where they shouldn’t be, and only the first one of these “.zip” was actually hiding the Preview link. The rest were showing it.

I dug a bit further and found a corresponding area of qpconfig.xml where, if this setting could be controlled, I would expect it to be. I added the setting without the spaces, and voila, fixed the core code. And now as of Fixpack 35, there is a somewhat documented node in qpconfig.xml:


Now why did I care? Well, I had written a few widgets to invoke the Adobe Acrobat embedded viewer instead of KeyView. The KeyView one is quite bad on some PDFs, especially ones with images. Because of this, we didn’t want the Preview link EVER to show up next to a PDF, regardless of the form. That’s what started this little hunt in the first place.

QuickTime LogoRecently, I expanded on the PDF viewer widget and turned it into more of a utility viewer-enabler widget for files of other MIME types that have native browser viewers. A client had asked me if I could build a QuickTime version (four kinds of files) for their training needs, so their videos would stream from the site. Good news, we could do that and now due to the fix above we can avoid the Preview link and hence user confusion.

Go forth and fix, people. I have two more “By the way, I already fixed it” PMRs going in this week, so watch out for those next time…I sure hope the support folks don’t mind me doing that. 🙂




An email delivered to a place that contains no paragraph break may not wrap or scroll in the rich text editor.


When sending a Link from a page that has been edited, the subject line in the email may contain the word “test”.


When email groups have subgroups that contain the same user, that user may receive notifications multiple times.


Comments to a Page that is private may display in the What’s New page.
MMOI6C8UHQ Request a way for Local Users of a place to not see places that are available to all logged in users to display in My Places.

(see fix MMOI6C8UHQ  in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)



When using ActiveX, and editing a Page, the ActiveX attachment box appears on top of the of the notification dialog when sending a notification.


Popup Date fields display the previous day after upgrading from Quickr 8.2 to 8.5.1.


Attachment links in custom forms disappear when using Internet Explorer 8 in compatibility mode.


Cannot create a new Room in FireFox when in the What’s New page.




Pages upgraded from Quickr 8.2 to 8.5.1 display the modified date in the future.


Changes made to a subfolder in a PlaceType does not get pushed down to the child Places.




When a Task’s title contains certain special characters, those special characters are removed from the notification.


Daily and weekly Newsletters may show the incorrect last modified date and time.

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