More on our Connections Development session at IBM Connect 2013

Now that the slides are done* I can go ahead and tell you more specifically what Jerald and I will be presenting at IBM Connect in 17 days. Yep, a Monday this time, right after the opening general session to boot.

The session is for Domino (or other) developers of any skill level who are interested in how to get started with IBM Connections core development. Consider what you have to do on your own here — install a server, find documentation (official, wikis, blogs, etc.), figure out what works with what versions, learn troubleshooting and logging, and just “get” the platform at the level required to start developing solutions and customizations. It can take some time. In fact, with 19 years experience each, Jerald and I combined for 150 hours invested in this effort culminating in the session we’ll present. The goal is that you can invest two hours and skip much of our learning curve.

So here is our agenda and a sentence about each section, so you know what to expect.

  • Session assumptions and goals
  • OpenSocial & iWidgets
    – Rob introduces OpenSocial, sets up OSDE on Eclipse, develops and deploys an OpenSocial gadget to our Connections server, then follows with one method to deploy an iWidget. More emphasis will be placed on OpenSocial, reflecting the product direction.
  • Connections SPIs
    – Rob explains the Service Provider Interfaces for Connections, then develops and deploys an Event SPI from an example, bringing your attention to the common problems with deployment.
    Rob describes the REST APIs for Connections, then shows you how to use browsers and plugins with Firefox and Chrome to manage the request development environment. Where you go from there is up to you…
  • Branding & Themes
    – Jerald introduces Connections branding and how (and more importantly, where) JSPs, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are modified in order to customize the user experience in Connections. Branding can be done at a granular or server-wide level.
  • Business Card integration
    -Jerald has developed a sample external application that reads Connections business card information into a page not related to the Connections installation, and will share the methods (REST, HTML, JavaScript, CSS) used to accomplish this.
  • Open source overview
    Rob introduces the IBM Social Business Toolkit (with four more sessions later in the week) and points to available resources in the open source community, including OpenNTF, that help developers understand and work with Connections and Social Network development in general.
  • Resources, other sessions, community heroes, and Q&A

That’s it. I think. Unless we come up with more cool demos to slide in at the end…hope to see you there, 10:45 on Monday Jan 28!

*Done is a term developers use when something has been sent to someone else for review. I bet I’ll be degugging these slides for a year.


4 thoughts on “More on our Connections Development session at IBM Connect 2013

  1. Sean Cull

    This is really helpful. It would be great if the other presenters could give a similar description so that attendees can choose the best sessions to attend.

  2. Pálmi

    Karl + 1 – this was going to my GOAL for this connect2013 * how to get started with IBM Connections core development. Can´t wait to see the slides


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