A few changes for Lotus, er, IBMRockStar

So yeah. It’s been a while since I blogged. In fact, my blog entries from 2012 were so sparse (<20) that when they disappeared inadvertently I didn’t even notice for a few days.

I’ve made a few rather dramatic changes and you’ll see more as I learn WordPress here. For starters, the primary domain for and name of my blog is now “IBMRockStar.com” and LotusRockStar while redirecting here will eventually be retired (pause for emotional “awwwww”).

With a new year, a new Lotusphere Connect conference, new brands and a new focus in my work I figured what the heck, why not just make it a clean break to a new platform.

I understand that there’s a way to export and import my old BlogSphere blog and eventually I’ll get around to that – probably after Connect 2013 – so you can reference the first ten years. But for now, it’s a fresh start.

Here’s what I’ll post about:

  • IBM newsy stuff. Duh.
  • Connections, Sametime, Quickr, Domino, XPages…
  • Fractionalized excitations in the spin-liquid state of a kagome-lattice antiferromagnets
  • Puppies, travel, food, rants and raves

Sound familiar? Well most of them do I’m sure.

Thanks for stopping by. If you know how, feel free to update your RSS feed thingies. There’s a link around here somewhere.

7 thoughts on “A few changes for Lotus, er, IBMRockStar

  1. Mitch Cohen

    Welcome to the world of WordPress if you need any help on the export/import let me know, I did my site 2 years ago.

    New site and domain name look good, see you in a few weeks

  2. Darren

    I’ll second Mitch, I’m now a WordPress veteran, if you need any help or advice let me know. Your theme actually looks like it has the same base as mine (‘Fresh and Clean’), or is this the default 2012 theme? Either one are good starting points to extend and embellish. Lots of plugins and widgets available.


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